Multiculturalism madness coming to an end, Re: State multiculturalism has failed: David Cameron, The Daily Star, February 6, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron unequivocally denounced multiculturalism in Britain in a speech at an international security conference in Munich on February 5. He called it a failure and said that it prevented religious and ethnic minorities from subscribing to British values and integrating into the larger British society. Cameron made a direct link between multiculturalism and Islamic terrorism in Britain and outlined several steps his government would take to combat it.

Good for the British for recognizing the scourge that is multiculturalism and taking steps to eliminate and overcome it. Multiculturalism in Britain has been an unmitigated disaster and the Brits will be well rid of it. It fostered hatred, intolerance, racism, divisiveness, crime and terrorist acts and is responsible for many of the social ills which plague Britain as we speak. It also cost the British treasury a fortune, money which could have been much better spent in other areas.

Cameron’s remarks echoed similiar statements by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel last October about the failure of multiculturalism in her country. This means that the leaders of two of the three largest and most important countries in Europe (the other being France) have formally recognized that multiculturalism is a failure and has proven harmful to their nations and said so publicly. Even though President Sarkozy of France has not been quite as forthcoming in his public statements as Cameron and Merkel the French in fact are well aware of this too and have taken steps to protect themselves from its ravages.

Does all of this mean that multiculturalism madness is coming to an end in Europe? It looks like that, which is very encouraging indeed.

Multiculturalism has of course reared its ugly head in other parts of the world besides Europe. Canada is a prime example. Multiculturalism is practically a state religion there and it is something many Canadians are very proud of. Its deleterious effects are becoming much better known however and Canadians may very well come to recognize and understand just how destructive it really is to their country and decide to reject and discard it too, particularly as attempts to Islamize Canada become more prevalent.

Take the latest example for instance. Twelve recently arrived Muslim families in Winnipeg, Manitoba  whose children attend six different public schools have demanded that the children be excused from taking part in compulsory music and coed physical education classes for religious and cultural reasons. This means that these families are rejecting Canadian values and practices and expecting Canada to change so that it can accommodate them, instead of them accepting the Canadian way of life and becoming a part of Canadian society. It means that they are ghettoizing themselves and their children, with all of the attendant consequences. One wonders why they came to Canada in the first place and what they’ll demand next-exemption from Canada’s legal system and imposition of sharia law perhaps? 

That’s Canadian multiculturalism at work. For now anyway.

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