Democracy in Egypt, be careful what you wish for, Re: Egypt, demonstrations continue amid talks, Daily Telegraph, February 7, 2011

What would happen if democracy came to Egypt and free and fair elections were held, as per President Obama’s wishes? Easy. The Muslim Brotherhood would end up in power, Egypt would become an Islamic state, sharia would become the law of the land, social and economic reforms of the past thirty years would be eliminated and war would engulf the Middle East.

Why would the Muslim Brotherhood find themselves in power? Because their beliefs and positions resonate with the Egyptian people and are one and the same with the people’s mentality and thinking that’s why. Almost 75% of Egyptians want to see the strict imposition of sharia, over 50% want segregation of the sexes in the workplace, over 80% want adulterers stoned and think the death penalty should be imposed for Muslims who leave Islam, over 75% think whipping and cutting off hands is a suitable punishment for theft, over 90% want to keep Western values out of Islamic nations, over 65% want to see Islamic countries unified into a Caliphate, the Egyptian people are rabidly anti-Semitic and would like nothing better than to see Israel wiped off the map, anti-American sentiment is everywhere and so on. Those are the Muslim Brotherhood’s positions as well. They are really nothing more than a reflection of the people’s will, a will that would manifest itself at the ballot box.

The Brotherhood is also extremely well organized and has been poised to take advantage of chaos in Egypt for quite some time.

President Mubarak understands how disastrous it would be for Egypt and the Middle East if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. That is why he has spent the past thirty years keeping it at bay and instituting economic and social reforms to improve the ordinary Egyptian’s lot in life and drag the country into the modern age, reforms which would be eliminated once the MB took over. Thanks in no small part to President Obama’s stupidity Mubarak himself seems to have lost his personal fight to stay in office but perhaps his regime will survive and keep the Muslim Brotherhood from ruining the country.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel also understands the implications of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover for his country. He realizes for example that the unbridled anti-Semitism and hatred of the Egyptian people and the Brotherhood itself would make war inevitable. Netanyahu knows this is a war which Israel could very well lose, especially if other Islamic countries join Egypt and the United States under Obama refuses to come to Israel’s assistance, both of which are entirely possible. In fact, the Brotherhood would see to it that war came before 2012 because of the very real possibility that Obama will lose the next election in the U.S. and be replaced by a President that isn’t nearly as accommodating as he is.

President Obama unfortunately doesn’t understand how damaging a Muslim Brotherhood takeover would be for the United States, which is why America hasn’t done far more to prevent it from happening and why he has in effect enabled it with all his talk about democracy and democratic principles and his unseemly abandoning of Mubarak. Either that or he doesn’t believe that it could take place because of his fundamental lack of understanding of the Brotherhood, the Egyptian people, Islam and history. On the other hand, given his track record he might even want it to occur because of his Islamist leanings.

You decide.

Democracy in Egypt. What awful consequences that would bring.

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