The Future of the Region, Re: Arab Regimes Crack Down On Dissent, National Post, February 18, 2011

Pundits and prognosticators all over the world have been trying to predict the future of the Middle East ever since the riots in Tunisia spread to Egypt and beyond. Will freedom and democracy bloom? Will social justice and its principles take root? Will the religious hatred and intolerance that is endemic virtually everywhere be excised or ameliorated? Will people’s standard of living be raised? Will the riots and protests lead to lasting change? Will tyrants and dictators continue to be all powerful? The answers are simple…no, no, no, no, no and yes. This means that the future of the region is plain to see.

In the short term there will be chaos, bloodshed, violence, torture and death in individual countries as rioters and protesters persist in taking to the streets and as regimes crack down and assert their authority. That includes the new regime in Egypt, which is really nothing more than the old regime in mufti.

In the medium term cosmetic changes will be instituted in various countries to mollify the West, but there will be nothing of any real substance. There will also be war between Israel and the Arabs or Israel and the Iranians, or both, because Israel will be made into a scapegoat and blamed for the region’s problems, because the United States under President Obama will be seen as weak and unwilling or unable to come to her assistance, because thanks to Islam hatred of Jews and Israel is bred in the bone of the region’s people and because Islamic governments will conclude that this moment in time affords them a tangible opportunity to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map, an opportunity which may not come again soon.

In the long term scholars and historians will pontificate, Islam will continue to reign supreme, nothing much will  change and history will repeat itself.

Thats the future folks. Don’t believe me? Check back in a year or two and see if I’m wrong.

And by the way, if you want to know why freedom and democracy won’t bloom in the Middle East its because Islam won’t permit it. If you want to know why social justice and its principles won’t take root its because Islam doesn’t allow for them. If you want to know why the religious hatred and intolerance that is endemic virtually everywhere in the region won’t be excized or ameliorated its because hatred and intolerance is at the very heart of Islam and is mandated by it. If you want to know why people’s standard of living won’t be raised its because systemic poverty and ignorance is part and parcel of Islam. If you want to know why the riots and protests won’t lead to lasting change its because Islam doesn’t permit change. If you want to know why tyrants and dictators will continue to be all powerful its because Islam is defined by both.

Islam is in fact the real source of the problems in the Middle East, not Jews, not Israel, not America, Islam, and nothing will change until it is overcome. Just think for example how different the Middle East and the world would be if Islamists and Islamic countries recognized Israel’s right to exist, welcomed her in their midst and allowed Israelis to live in peace and security instead of constantly trying to kill them and destroy their country. Why won’t they? Because of Islam, that’s why.

Don’t believe any of that either? Study Islam itself really seriously, objectively and independently, look around the world and see how destructive it is and check back in a year or two on that as well.

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