Obama’s display in Wisconsin dangerous, demeaning and disgraceful, Re: Obama’s war on democracy, Washington Times, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin is one of many states in the U.S. with severe financial problems. The state has a massive debt load and a deteriorating tax base and is unable to meet budgetary requirements unless reforms and cuts are made. Put another way, without reforms and cuts Wisconsin will be insolvent.

Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed that unionized government employees (not including police and firefighters) contribute 50% of their pension costs and 12% of their health care costs and limit collective bargaining negotiations to salaries and not benefits because of the dire financial situation the state is in. This comes as no surprise. Walker promised to put Wisconsin’s financial house in order and the state’s electorate voted him in to do exactly that. It also gave the Republicans a majority in both houses of the Legislature as well.

Walker’s proposal has been met with widespread unrest, much of which is violent and ugly. Republicans and other supporters of the proposal have had to face death threats, intimidation, inflammatory rhetoric and demonization and police have had to be called in to protect legislators homes and businesses. Public namecalling and villification has been rife and there has been a marked lack of civility. In one particularly egregious instance a placard was displayed with the words Repeal Walker and his head in a rifle’s crosshairs. Walker has also been compared to Mubarak, Mussolini and Hitler and had to deal with a mob that marched on his house. There have been illegal walkouts and all 14 Democratic Senators in the state are refusing to attend sittings of the Legislature in an effort to prevent a funding bill from being passed. The ugliness and extremism has been regular and consistent and shows no sign of slowing down.

President Obama has played a central role in all of this. His behavior and actions endanger democracy because they are an attack on democratic institutions and a clear statement that his leftist, socialist ideology takes precedence over the will of the people, who after all gave Governor Walker and his Republican colleagues a clear mandate to balance the budget, keep the state from going bankrupt and fix the financial mess they inherited.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over the events in Wisconsin.

The unrest is being organized and directed by the President’s campaign arm Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee.

The President has declared that Governor Walker’s attempt to restore sanity to Wisconsin’s finances are an assault on unions and he has instructed his followers to “get in the face” of their opponents.

He has refused to condemn and call for an end to the violence, rhetoric and ugliness and has in fact endorsed it by his silence. He has also contributed to it himself.

The Democratic legislators who walked off the job could not possibly have done so without the knowledge and collusion of the President and his minions. The walkout is a direct attempt to subvert the rule of law and derail a legal legislative process. By allowing them to leave in the first place and failing to order them back in the second Obama is undermining and flouting democracy and acting as a demagogue.

The President is purposely impeding elected representatives of the people from carrying out their mandate because he fundamentally opposes their point of view…he is acting against the democratically expressed wishes of the people and punishing them for thinking differently than he does.

The White House has backed similiar unrest in Ohio and Indiana and may be making plans for other states too.

There’s much more but you get the idea.

All of this is well in keeping with Obama’s mentality, ideology and track record. His behavior and actions are a serious threat to civil discourse, civil liberties and the rule of democracy in the United States. Not only are they exceedingly dangerous, they also demean the Presidency itself and are disgraceful in the extreme.

They are also worthy of impeachment, along with the many other offenses he has committed since being elected.

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