Update-Iranian/Islamic doublespeak and duplicity on the sea, Re: Iranian Warships That Crossed Suez Canal Carry “Advanced Hezbollah Weapons”, Atlas Shrugs, February 23, 2011

The two Iranian warships that just sailed through the Suez Canal to Syria weren’t supposed to be transporting weapons or military equipment. However, reliable reports have surfaced that they were carrying missiles, rifles, ammunition and other such items for delivery to Hezbollah through the Syrians.

Now that Iran has established the fact that the new government in Egypt will allow it to send ships through the canal in order to deliver weapons to those who would use them to attack Israel and murder and maim Israelis we can fully expect to see more Iranian ships going through in the future. This is worrisome and problematic for Israel as I explained in my previous post and Israelis are going to have to take steps to stop this trafficking in death and destruction. They’ll have to do it on their own because the only other country that could conceivably bring this traffic to a halt, the United States, won’t as long as Obama is President even though it is patently in America’s best interests to do do.

Iran said that the warships journey to Syria was a message of peace to Muslim nations. Nonsense. In Iranian/Islamic doublespeak peace can only exist when Israel is destroyed and wiped off the map and Jews are subjugated, converted or killed. The journey wasn’t a message of peace at all. It was a call to war. The Israelis understand this. The Americans don’t, or if they do they are too hopeless under Obama to do anything about it.

Looks like the previous post is prescient, doesn’t it? Perhaps a bit sooner than expected but prescient nevertheless.

Batten down the hatches indeed.

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