Three strikes and you’re out, Re: U.S. to impose sanctions on Libya, Washington Times, February 25, 2011

The United States has just announced that it will impose unilateral sanctions on Libya in order to end the violence and repression there.

What is it with Obama and sanctions? He seems to be fixated on them as a means to prevent madmen from sowing death and destruction. Its as if he doesn’t have any other weapons at his disposal.

The President keeps on telling us he is a sports fan. If he was a batter in a baseball game he’d have two strikes on him and would be facing a third.

Strike number one is Kim Jong-Il of North Korea. Sanctions certainly haven’t prevented him from pursuing his nuclear ambitions, which was their whole point. Obama swung at the North Korean dictator with a sanctions bat and missed completely.

Strike number two is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Obama thought sanctions would prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons but they have been no more successful there than they were in North Korea. Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power and sanctions have done nothing to prevent Ahmadinejad from pursuing and achieving this status. Obama’s sanctions bat swung at him and missed too.

Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi will be strike number three. The sanctions bat won’t be any more successful with him than it was with the other two, which Obama will soon find out. The violence and repression in Libya will end when Gadhafi falls from power and not one minute before. He will keep on killing people to remain head of state for as long as he can. That is his nature and his way and sanctions simply won’t change him.

Three strikes and you’re out alright. Too bad we won’t be able to get Obama out of the game until 2012 though.

This group of three not work for you? How about foreign policy in general, domestic policy in general and economic policy in particular…Obama swung and missed at those as well.

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