So much for freedom, Re: Gaza’s elected Islamist rulers crack down on secular community, The Telegraph, February 27, 2011

All aspects of secular society are coming under attack in Gaza as Hamas is attempting to impose Islamic Law there, contravening promises it made after getting elected in 2006. Secularists are being forced to conform to Islamic imperatives or suffer the consequences and many of them are leaving as a result, especially the more educated ones with a wider world view than their tormentors. Whatever freedom there was to think or act differently from official dictates is quickly disappearing and will soon be gone altogether as the religious fanatics tighten their grip. It won’t be long before Gaza is entirely Islamized and the modicum of freedom that existed will be no more. Hamas has always enforced its rule with intimidation and violence and kept freedom to a minimum…Islam won’t permit even that.

This journey back to the seventh century when Islam was born is very sad. Among other things, it consigns Gazans, Palestinians, to a life of poverty and suffering and makes peace with Israel impossible since Islam is anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli by definition and Islamists are duty bound to do everything they can to destroy Israel and remove the country from the face of the earth.

Freedom in Gaza? Not possible as long as Islam and Islamists are part of the scenario. Peace, security, prosperity…those things aren’t possible either.

Nor are they possible in the rest of the Arab/Islamic world.

The contrast with Israel couldn’t be more stark. The Middle East’s only free, secular,¬†democracy flourishes while Gaza and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world languish. Why? Islam, the religion of hatred, violence, ignorance and backwardness, that’s why.

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