German Minister was absolutely right, Re: Muslim Immigrants in Germany, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, March 9, 2011

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Dietrich was absolutely right when he recently stated that Islam “does not belong” in Germany. He could have gone much further however.

Not only doesn’t it belong in Germany, it doesn’t belong in any other civilized country either. Islam is a completely proscribed way of life that is fundamentally at odds with freedom and the foundation and beliefs that western civilization is built upon. In principle and in practice it is a religion of violence, intolerance, hatred, misogyny, cruelty, persecution, terror and death. It is supremacist and totally uncompromising and conquest and submission of non-believers is at the very core of its being…it is in fact the greatest single threat to western civilization which exists today.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating? Ignore the bleatings of Islamists and their apologists and do some serious, objective, independent research. Read the Qur’an in its entirety. Look around and see what Islam actually does in the world, what its followers actually do in its name all over the planet and what they’ll do to you too if you don’t follow Islam’s imperatives. Do all that and you’ll feel appalled, angry, mystified by the backwardness and horror of it all, threatened and quite possibly terrified. Do all that and you will see I most certainly am not exaggerating in the slightest. 

Not belong in Germany? Darn right it doesn’t, or anywhere else that calls itself free, secular, pluralistic and democratic either. This is something westerners everywhere need to recognize and understand if they want western civilization to survive, if they don’t want to live in Islamic countries under Islamic law. Islamization is well under way throughout the west and unless serious steps are taken soon to combat it our societies will be unrecognizable and our way of life will have disappeared.

That includes the United States. Especially the United States. It has the biggest target of all on its back because it is the most prominent, powerful western nation there is and Islamists know that if they bring it down all the others are there for the taking. It is the symbol and heart of freedom and democracy, the defender of the faith if you will. That is why the U.S. was attacked on September 11th, that is why there have been so many other attacks abroad and in the American homeland as well, that is why America’s allies are under siege and that is why there are unrelenting efforts to Islamize the country. None of it has anything to do with protests or resolving real or imagined grievances. It all has to do with conquest.

Are you listening America? You’d better be. Americans are by definition non-believers and we know what happens to them. We should anyway.

The time to act is now, while it is still possible. Especially with a President like Obama, who may be an Islamist and in any case has little or no respect for the country or its institutions.

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