And now it starts, Re: The Arab League Condemns the Help It Requested, Commentary Magazine Website, March 20, 2011

Amr Moussa is Secretary-General of the Arab League, a candidate for the presidency of Egypt and a long-time antagonist of the United States, Israel and the West.

Moussa and the League have condemned the United Nations coalition for causing civilian deaths in its bombing of Libya. According to them the bombing has gone well beyond their expectations, said expectations being the establishment of a no-fly zone and the protection of civilian populations. The League has called an emergency session to discuss the scale of the bombing and reconsider Arab support for the endeavor. In the meantime the coalition, which is led by the United States, Britain and France and includes several other Western countries, says that it is acting within the bounds of the United Nations resolution under which it is operating.

And now it starts. The backlash. The recriminations. The cries of ’21st century crusaders.’ The calls for revenge and defensive Jihad. The accusations of cultural imperialism and Islamophobia and murder. Anti-West riots and demonstrations throughout the Middle East, particularly riots and demonstrations against the U.S. and Israel, e.g. Americans and Jews. Riots and demonstrations in the West as well by the usual suspects.

America’s Obama, Britain’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy are the prime movers behind the coalition, with the United States providing the bulk of its military muscle. They could have seen this coming. They should have seen this coming. They should have known that bombing Libya could not possibly result in anything positive for the West and that it would in fact have very negative consequences even if Gaddafi falls, actually especially if Gaddafi falls. They should have told the Arab League to do its own dirty work if it wasn’t happy with the way Gaddafi was dealing with his people and that military intervention on their part was out of the question. Instead, all they did was ferment further hatred and disgust for the West in the Islamic world. Islamists and Jihadists all over the globe must be praising Allah and giving thanks for the West’s stupidity and shortsightedness.

Talk about stepping into deep doodoo. The West stepped into it with both feet, that’s for sure.

Talk about being suckered into self destructive behavior. The West was certainly suckered in this instance, the only question being by whom. Amr  Moussa perhaps?

Our esteemed leaders really dropped the ball on this one. Far from helping their countries they hurt them considerably. They may even have unwittingly ignited a religious war in the Middle East and beyond.

By the way, Russia, China and the African Union have also condemned the bombing, with others sure to follow.

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