Can’t say that America wasn’t warned, Re: ISIL hell-bent on creating Islamic state to be launchpad for attacks on U.S., Washington Times, June 24, 2014

June 25th, 2014

ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) jihadists want to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East and use it to launch attacks against the United States in the United States. ISIL, also known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) already controls a vast amount of territory in the Middle East and is rapidly conquering more and more. Unless it is stopped soon it will become entrenched, an Islamic Caliphate will become a reality and attacks against America and Americans in America itself will be launched.

So why does ISIL or ISIS or whatever it calls itself want to attack the United States in the first place? Why will it launch attacks against the United States in the United States as soon as it is able to do so?

Because it wants to conquer the United States and turn it into an Islamic country in which everyone lives under Sharia, Islamic law, and it views attacks and the sowing of terror, bloodshed, death and destruction as means of doing exactly that.

All other Western countries are in grave danger too of course, especially European ones, but there is no doubt that the United States and Israel are at the top of the list of nations which are marked for destruction.

The fact that ISIL or ISIS or whatever it calls itself is hell-bent on creating an Islamic state to be used as a launchpad for attacks on the United States was made clear in a report which the Congressional Research Service just made to members of the U.S. Congress.

Among other things the report says that “Several leading representatives of the U.S. intelligence community have stated that (ISIL) maintains training camps in Iraq and Syria, has the intent to attack the United States and is reportedly recruiting and training individuals to do so,”

It also quotes Abu Bakr al-Baghdai, the leader of ISIL/ISIS, issuing the following threat to the United States.

“Know, O defender of the cross, that a proxy war will not help you in the Levant, just as it will not help you in Iraq. Soon, you will be in direct conflict-God permitting-against your will.”

Can’t get much clearer than that.

Can’t say that America wasn’t warned.

All things considered, the ISIL/ISIS leader is correct when he says that a proxy war won’t help the United States, in the Levant, Iraq or anywhere else. If ISIL/ISIS is to be stopped and prevented from creating an Islamic state in the Middle East and using it as a launchpad for attacks against the United States in the United States the U.S. will have to do it itself.

All things considered, the only way to that is with the sword.

The American sword.

Its either use it now and live with the consequences or suffer far more severe consequences later on.

Not much later on either. 

Like I said, can’t say that America wasn’t warned.

Concrete assistance is needed, not just words, Re: Mothers of Kidnapped Israeli Teens Urge U.N. to Take Action, Washington Free Beacon, June 24, 2014

June 24th, 2014

Rachel Frankel, Bat Galim-Shaer and Iris Yifrach are the mothers of Naftali Frankel, Gil-Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah, the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas while hitchhiking home from school two weeks ago. Israel has left no stone unturned in an effort to discover the teenagers whereabouts and rescue them from their captors but the Israeli’s efforts have proven unsuccessful so far and their fate remains unknown. The teenagers could be dead, they could be being held as future bargaining chips, they could be being held so that they can be traded for terrorists held by the Israelis, no one except their kidnappers and whoever they answer to knows where they are or even if they are still alive. There has also been widespread worldwide condemnation of the kidnapping and widespread worldwide expressions of support for the parents in addition to Israel’s efforts to find and rescue the teenagers, all to no avail.

In the meantime, Israel continues to search for them and their families continue to wait and suffer.

In the meantime, Hamas has denied having any involvement in the kidnapping or any information pertaining to it, which is patently untrue, and has said that the kidnappers should be saluted.

The families clearly believe that the international community could do much more than it has done to rescue the teenagers and just said so in a heartfelt address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Ruth Frankel, accompanied by the other two mothers and speaking on the families behalf, expressed their gratitude to all those who have condemned the kidnapping and to all those who have offered their support but nevertheless urged the international community to do much more than it has done to bring the teenagers home. Words are fine, but concrete assistance is what’s really needed and there has been a dearth of that since the teenagers were abducted.

She was wasting her breath. If the families or any other Israeli think the United Nations or anyone else except Israelis themselves are going to provide concrete assistance to find and rescue the teenagers, if they are still alive in the first place that is, they are sadly mistaken. Words are one thing but concrete assistance is quite another and Israel is alone on this. Even the United States won’t help in concrete terms, in spite of the fact that Rachel Frankel and her son Naftali both hold dual Israeli and American citizenship. Israel is alone on this alright, just as she really is in everything else as well.

The teenagers were kidnapped for one of two reasons.

Either they were kidnapped purely because they were Israelis, Jews, in which case they have been tortured and killed, or they were kidnapped because the kidnappers, Hamas, intends to use them as bargaining chips or trade bait.

There are no other reasons.

Either way, it tells everyone with any humanity and morality and decency and conscience in their bones that the kidnappers are nothing more than savage, despicable, barbaric monsters, savage, despicable, barbaric monsters who have no qualms at all about either killing innocent children or using innocent children as pawns to further their ideological, religion-inspired ends.

The kidnapping comes against the backdrop of Iran being on the verge of developing and possessing nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons which it would surely launch against Israel in an attempt to destroy the country and wipe it off the map while killing as many Israelis, Jews, as possible, and the massive military and territorial gains made by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) jihadists in Iraq and Syria, one of whose avowed purposes is to overrun Israel, destroy the country while killing as many Israelis, Jews, as possible and make the land part of an Islamic Caliphate encompassing much of the Middle East.

Israel is alone in dealing with those situations as well.

After all, words are one thing are one thing but concrete assistance is quite another. If anyone thinks that the United States for example would retaliate against Iran for attacking Israel with nuclear weapons or would take military measures (the only measures possible) to prevent ISIS from attacking Israel they are simply dead wrong…they are simply dreaming in technicolor.

You know, like U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

Bye-bye Crimea, bye-bye Ukraine, bye-bye Afghanistan, bye-bye vast swathes of the Middle East, bye-bye Iraq…bye-bye United States?, Re: Terrorists take control of Iraq’s biggest oil refinery, American Thinker, June 18, 2014

June 18th, 2014

“If history teaches anything, it teaches that simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly. It means the betrayal of our past, the squandering of our freedom.” Former President Ronald Reagan, 1983. 

President Obama is doing more than betraying the past of the United States and squandering its freedom. 

He is also seriously threatening the national security of the United States and jeopardizing the very existence of the country. 

He is giving America’s enemies around the world a free hand to grow stronger and wreak havoc against America and Americans, which they are all busily doing, the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, Al-Qaeda, ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria), Islamists of all sorts, all of them. 

Thanks to Obama it is merely a matter of time before Americans will have to deal with sustained, large-scale attacks on the American homeland itself, the shedding of rivers of American blood and the destruction of vast amounts of American property in America itself. Americans will have to do so in spite of a vastly weakened military, a military which is nowhere near as capable as it once was. Whether America will be able to survive is an open question. It very well could not. 

Obama is virtually inviting America’s enemies to attack America itself. Make no mistake, they will do exactly that, which is something else history teaches us. In the meantime they will continue to grow stronger as America grows weaker and will content themselves with attacking America and Americans in small-scale operations at home and America’s friends, allies and interests in small and large scale operations abroad. 

In the last little while, Obama has lost the Crimea (and Ukraine itself for that matter), Afghanistan, vast swathes of the Middle East and most of Iraq. By the time you read this the rest of Iraq may also be lost. If it isn’t it soon will be anyway. 

The consequences of these three scenarios alone are already catastrophic for America and Americans and will grow more and more catastrophic with each ensuing day. The consequences for the rest of the free world will be no less catastrophic because the free world cannot possibly survive without American strength and backing. Indeed, the rest of the free world is already suffering grievously because Obama is President. 

That’s just the Crimea and Ukraine, Afghanistan, vast swathes of the Middle East and Iraq too. There is more, much, much more. 

Thanks to Obama America and the rest of the free world are on the path to destruction and anyone who thinks things will get better in the remainder of his term is dead wrong. Everything about the man, everything about history, reality, religion (religion meaning Islam) and the world we live in tells us unequivocally that it won’t, that it will all get worse, not better. 

Unless Obama is removed from office and America both regains its strength and exercises it. 

Americans have to get rid of Obama and they have to get rid of him now, while they still can. They can impeach him, they can prosecute him, they can force him to resign, but get rid of him they must. 

It really is a matter of survival. 

For them and the rest of the free world as well.

Talking points for Obama to consider while trying to decide about launching air strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Re: Only America Can Prevent a Disaster in Iraq, Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2014

June 16th, 2014

Here are a few talking points for President Obama to consider as he decides whether or not to launch air strikes in Iraq against ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. 

The United States is the only country in the world that can prevent Iraq from imploding. 

The United States is the only country in the world that can prevent Iraq from disintegrating. 

The United States is the only country in the world that can prevent ISIS from conquering Iraq, from seizing power there and slicing up the country. 

ISIS is very close to conquering Iraq, to seizing power there and slicing up the country. 

If ISIS succeeds in conquering Iraq, succeeds in seizing power there and slicing up the country, it would be catastrophic for the U.S. 

Like it or not, the only thing the United States can do to stop ISIS from conquering Iraq, from seizing power there and slicing up the country, is to launch air strikes against it. 

It must do so very soon or else it will be too late. 

Everything that ISIS has brought to Iraq and wherever else it has appeared in the Middle East will be brought to America too. 

Mass beheadings, mass murders, rape, mutilation, imposition of Sharia (Islamic Law), destruction of all vestiges of Western civilization, savagery, brutality, forced Islamization of anything and everything, the lot. 

The United States must either defend itself in Iraq now or else it will have to defend itself on a much larger scale in very short order…defend itself at home, not thousands of miles away. 

It will also find itself embroiled in a much larger war in the Middle East whether it wants to be or not, a war which easily could set off World War Three. 

National security is a sterile term in discussions about ISIS. The fact is that one of the main goals that ISIS has is to destroy the United States and turn the U.S. into an Islamic country and if it succeeds in conquering Iraq, succeeds in taking power there and slicing up the country, it will be well on the way to doing exactly that. For America and Americans its more than a question of national security, its a question of national survival. 

Yes, the situation is that serious. 

The United States needs to act on its own and not in concert with anyone else, especially the Iranians. 

It has to act fast and acting in concert with anyone else would slow things down considerably. Time really is of the essence here. 

Acting in concert with Iran would be especially stupid. Iran is a sworn, mortal, enemy of the United States and would do everything it could to take advantage of the U.S. in this scenario, or in any other scenario either for that matter. History, experience, reality and religion make it exceedingly clear that the Americans can trust the Iranians about as far as they can throw them and simply should not do so. 

It isn’t necessary anyway as the United States is perfectly capable of acting on its own. 

Aside from national security and national survival, the U.S. also has a moral obligation to act against ISIS because of the widespread suffering and unspeakable atrocities that it carries out and will continue to carry out unless it is stopped. 

Whatever mistakes the United States and the rest of the West made in Iraq in the past are irrelevant because the need for immediate action, the need for the U.S. to launch air strikes against ISIS, is so clear-cut and self-evident. 

Those are some talking points for Obama to ponder. 

Hopefully he won’t take too long. 

Hopefully, he’ll launch air strikes against ISIS.

Like now. 

If he doesn’t, the United States will be in deep, deep trouble. 

If he doesn’t, the United States will be in mortal peril. 

Thanks to ISIS. 

Thanks to him.

Launching air strikes against ISIS is a no-brainer, Re: The Next Move In Iraq, Human Events, June 13, 2014

June 13th, 2014

One of two things is going to happen in Iraq. 

Very, very soon. 

Either ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria) Jihadists will succeed in overrunning, conquering and carving up the country or they will not. 

If they do succeed in overrunning, conquering and carving up the country they will have effectively established an Islamic state in the heart of the Middle East whose purpose is three-fold…to impose Sharia, Islamic law, on everyone in the region, to use the state to export bloodshed and terror to the West, especially the United States, and to confront the United States at home and abroad and conquer it in the name of Islam. ISIS wishes to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the remains of Iraq and from there to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the rest of the world. To do that it has to go through the U.S., to get the U.S. out of its way. It has been very open and upfront about what it wants to do and none of this is any secret at all. 

Can it succeed in doing all three? 

Yes it can. 


As of this writing, ISIS is very close to overrunning, conquering and carving up Iraq, very close indeed. 

As of this writing the only thing that can stop it are air strikes by the American military. 

Put another way, unless the American military launches air strikes and repels ISIS, ISIS will overrun, conquer and carve up Iraq and establish an Islamic state in its remains, a state that sees itself as the sworn, mortal enemy of the United States and a state that can and will cause untold damage to America and Americans and may even succeed in its goal of conquering America in the name of Islam. 

Is ISIS overrunning, conquering and carving up Iraq a serious, serious threat to the national security of the United States, a serious, serious threat to the very existence of the United States? 

Yes it is. 


Would an ISIS inspired and controlled Islamic state, an Islamic Caliphate, in the heart of the Middle East be catastrophic for America and Americans? 

Yes it would. 


Should the United States launch air strikes against ISIS? 

Yes it should. 


Very, very soon. 

Like now. 

That really is a no-brainer. 

President Obama needs to stop dithering and equivocating and order the air strikes immediately, before its to late. 

ISIS needs to be stopped and stopped now and that’s the only way to do it. 

Not only for America and Americans either by the way, but for the rest of the free world and for the millions of Arabs and other people who have suffered and are suffering unspeakable atrocities, unspeakable horrors, at its hands as well.

I forgot the C word, Re: Hagel Throws Obama Under Bus Over Bergdahl, WorldNetDaily, June 11, 2014

June 12th, 2014

On June 5th I posted an entry on this site entitled Stupid, no, not very pretty, yes. The entry was in response to an article in the Washington Times entitled Is Obama really that stupid? I used a wide variety of adjectives to describe Obama, none of them flattering. There was one I neglected to use however, even though in hindsight I could have and should have. 

That adjective is cowardly. 

Obama is a coward. 

Obama is a coward who refuses to accept responsibility for anything, who refuses to be held accountable for anything, who always, that’s always, tries to blame others for his mistakes and transgressions, no matter how trivial or serious they may be. 

He tried to do the same to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel but for once his chosen victim did not participate in the charade and placed the blame for Obama’s latest national security boondoggle exactly where it belongs, squarely on Obama himself. Hagel has refused to fall on his sword so to speak and has made it clear that the ultimate decision, the final decision, to swap five high risk Taliban commanders with rivers of American blood on their hands who were being held at Guantanamo Bay for Army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl was made by Obama and no one else. He did this in testimony before House Armed Services Committee in Washington last Wednesday. Last Monday Obama administration officials testifying before the Committee indicated that Hagel made the final decision to go ahead but Hagel straightened the Committee out on Wednesday and let it know in no uncertain terms that Obama made the decision, not him. 

The attempt to deflect blame and absolve himself of any responsibility and accountability was absolutely typical of Obama. He has done it time and time and time again during his presidency and will no doubt do it time and time and time again as long as he remains in office. Its part of his personality, part of his mentality, part of the way he operates and has always operated. In the Bergdahl case, he was perfectly happy to accept kudos in the beginning but the minute the true nature of the swap became apparent and critics began to speak out he needed a fall guy to blame, that fall guy being Hagel. The Bergdahl case is nothing new at all. That Hagel refused to let himself be the fall guy speaks to his character. That Obama tried to make him the fall guy speaks to his character too, his cowardly character. 

Obama is a coward alright and you can add that word to all the others I used on June 5th

Weak, indecisive, sanctimonious, dishonest, duplicitous, cold, cruel, calculating, a smart-ass, smarmy know it all, a total political animal, anti-American, naive, blind, simplistic, delusional, vindictive, shortsighted, untrustworthy, dictatorial, entirely self-serving, lazy, a lawbreaker, a hypocrite, profligate, ignorant, petty, small-minded, thin-skinned, nasty, a media creation, opportunistic, dismissive, vainglorious, easily manipulated, a sucker, full of excuses, unprincipled, a lousy manager, ruthless, a lousy thinker, heartless, an ideologue, unsubstantial, incompetent, damaged goods, traitorous, a narcissist, a wimp, an empty vessel, dangerous, the antithesis of a leader and a lousy President. 

All of them.

Give me the child and I’ll give you the man, Re: U.K. to teach students ‘British values’ after ‘Trojan horse’ scandal reveals Islamists taking over schools, National Post, June 10, 2014

June 10th, 2014

An organized, coordinated conspiracy by Islamists to take over state schools in Birmingham, England and impose a ‘narrow faith-based ideology’ in them has just been exposed. The ‘narrow faith-based ideology’ is Islam. Dubbed the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal because of its surreptitious nature it involved Islamists infiltrating the governing bodies of various schools and using their influence and power to promote, implement and enforce Islamic thought and practices in them, to effectively remove their Western, British, character, values, curriculum and practices and turn them into Islamic institutions. Claims have surfaced in the wake of the exposure that the infiltration of schools by Islamists has occurred in other regions of the United Kingdom as well, claims which have credence because of the growing Islamization of the country in general and the ongoing effort by Islamists to impose Islamic law, Sharia, and Islamic thought and practices on everyone. 

So how has the government responded? 

Very well indeed. 

So far anyway. 

The Education Minister announced that as of this coming September all of England’s twenty thousand elementary and high schools will be required to actively promote British values. Current guidance for teachers and schools about those values asks schools to “enable pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law” and “provide pupils with a broad general knowledge of public institutions and services in England.” As of September they will no longer be asked to promote British values they will be required to actively do so. 

The Minister also said that teachers who allow extremists into classrooms will be banned from their profession and that the Governors and Heads of Schools involved in the Birmingham scandal may be stripped of their roles. 

“The conclusions of the reports today are clear, “ he told MPs in the House of Commons. “Things that shouldn’t have happened in our schools were allowed to happen. 

“Our children were exposed to things they shouldn’t have been exposed to. As education secretary, I am taking action to make sure that those children are protected. 

“Schools that are proven to have failed will be taken over, put under new leadership and taken in a fresh new direction. 

All of which is of course well and good if Britain is to remain British. 

After all, the old aphorism “Give me the child and I’ll give you the man” has proven to be true from virtually the birth of mankind and Islamists know that as well as anyone, which is why they target schools and children in the first place. If they succeed in indoctrinating British schoolchildren, if they succeed in turning British schools into Islamic institutions, they will be much, much further along on the path to turning Britain into an Islamic country and their goal of turning Britain into an Islamic country will be in sight. 

Typically, Islamists in Britain responded to the exposure by denouncing it and screaming about alleged racism and Islamophobia. 

Which is of course complete rubbish, nothing more than a diversionary tactic and nothing more than a means to discredit their accusers and force the British to both accommodate them and absolve them of any wrongdoing. 

Lets hope the British government has the courage, sense, foresight, strength and political will to stick to its guns. 

God Save the Queen. 

For now at least. 

Since everyone else in the West, Americans, Australians, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians, the Spanish, the Scandinavians, everyone, are facing the same problems and the same dangers the British are and the same fate if they succumb to Islamists and Islam God save them too.

Stupid, no, not very pretty, yes, Re: Is Obama really that stupid?, Washington Times, June 5, 2014

June 5th, 2014

No, Obama is not stupid. 

However, he is… 









A smart-ass, smarmy know it all. 

A total political animal. 










Entirely self-serving. 


A lawbreaker. 

A hypocrite.







A media creation. 




Easily manipulated. 

A sucker. 

Full of excuses. 


A lousy manager. 


A lousy thinker. 


An ideologue. 



Damaged goods. 


A narcissist. 

A wimp.

An empty vessel. 


The antithesis of a leader. 

And a lousy President. 

That’s what the record shows. 

That’s how he will go down in history. 

No, Obama is not stupid. 

But he is all of those other things and he doesn’t deserve to be President. 

Never has. 

Never will. 

The record doesn’t lie. 

Unlike him.

One, two, three strikes you’re out…hopefully, Re: The Bergdahl Swap: A Full-Blown Obama Scandal In Less Than 48 Hours, Human Events, June 3, 2014

June 3rd, 2014

Is this Obama’s last ‘at bat’ as President? 

Is this Obama’s ‘three strikes and you’re out’ moment as President? 

It better be because if it isn’t nothing will get Obama removed from office and he will be allowed to serve out his remaining time as President, during which time he will do incalculable damage to America and Americans, including the loss of large numbers of American lives which will occur as a direct result of his decisions…as a direct result of his attitude and behaviour and activities. 

If Americans don’t get rid of Obama over the Bergdahl Swap they’ll never get rid of him and he will have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to during the remainder of his presidency. 

Its bad enough that Obama traded Bergdahl for five high-ranking, incredibly dangerous senior Taliban Commanders with rivers of American blood on their hands who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for the past twelve years and who now will be able to take up their posts and keep on killing Americans and exhorting their fellow terrorists, their fellow Islamists, to do the same…its bad enough that Bergdahl was, is, a deserter who was ashamed to be an American, who hated, hates, America and everything it stands for…its bad enough that Obama acted illegally and unilaterally and ignored and violated the Constitution of the United States and the bounds of his office to make the swap…its bad enough that American soldiers were killed while searching for him after he deserted…its bad enough that Obama and his administration have constructed a completely false narrative about Bergdahl and the circumstances of his past, his time in uniform and his desertion and have been lying through their teeth to Americans since they started to smell a rat and criticism began to surface…its bad enough that Obama did not adhere to America’s long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists, especially for the release of hostages, because that effectively puts a price on the head of every American, not just those in the military…its bad enough that the Pentagon believed, believes, that Bergdahl may not have been a hostage or a prisoner at all and quite likely was a collaborator and convert to Islam, which is how he managed to stay alive for so long…its bad enough that the swap handed the Taliban an enormous victory, an enormous victory which was acknowledged by the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Omar himself…all of that, and more, is bad enough but what makes the whole sorry episode even worse was why Obama made the swap in the first place and why it occurred at this particular point in time to begin with. 

All things considered, given Obama’s personality and track record and history the swap was made in the first place and made at this point in time in particular for one reason and one reason only…to get the ongoing Veterans Administration scandal and the limp speech he gave last week at the United States Military Academy at West Point off the front pages. It was a cynical, cold, calculated, political decision and nothing more and it was done to get Americans to forget about the VA scandal and the speech and boost his image in their minds. Obama has been getting hammered for the Veterans Administration scandal and the West Point speech and he thought the swap would give him a boost…that’s why it was made in the first place and that’s why it was made at this particular point in time. That makes it even more of an insult to America and Americans, especially to the family members of the soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl after he deserted. 

That also raises the question of just what else Obama would do to keep himself in office.

Obama’s whole history as President has been one of miscalculation and failure. 

Hopefully he will have miscalculated and failed here too. 

Hopefully, the Veterans Administration scandal will be strike one, the limp speech at West Point will be strike two and the Bergdahl Swap strike three. 

The Bergdahl Swap is grounds for impeachment, among many others I might add, and hopefully Americans will do exactly that…impeach him and get him out of there. 

He’s already done enormous damage to America and Americans and will do a great deal more if he’s allowed to stay. 

They say baseball is America’s national sport. 

Let’s hope it really is one, two, three strikes you’re out.

It was an absurd speech by an absurd president, Re: Obama’s Absurd West Point Speech, FrontPage Magazine, May 29, 2014

May 30th, 2014

President Obama’s commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point last Wednesday was full of lies, distortions, half-truths and delusions and was entirely self-serving. 

Nothing new there at all. 

It was also universally panned, including by his audience. 

Here are a few examples of some of the absurd things he said, some of the lies, distortions, half-truths, delusions and entirely self-serving comments he made. 

“And I would like to ask all of us here today to stand and pay tribute-not only to the veterans among us, but to the more than 2.5 million Americans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families.” 


Talk is cheap and means nothing at all. Obama has done nothing in real, concrete, meaningful, terms to improve the lot, to pay tribute, to veterans and their families. In fact, he has made their lot worse, in real, concrete, meaningful, terms than it was when he took office. He may talk about paying tribute but his actions belie his words. 

“In fact, by most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world.” 


That is a total fabrication. By most measures, military, economic, virtually anything anyone can think of, America’s strength vis-a-vis the rest of the world is declining and declining rapidly. The rest of the world certainly thinks so and is busily taking advantage of American weakness…ask America’s enemies, the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chinese, any of them, if they think America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world and the answer will be a most emphatic ‘no’. Ask any of America’s friends and allies if they aren’t worried sick and scared silly by America’s growing weakness and the answer will be a most emphatic ‘yes’. 

“Meanwhile, our economy remains the most dynamic on earth.” 


What a crock that is. The American economy is in the toilet and has been in the toilet throughout Obama’s presidency. The economy is in terrible shape and is getting worse and worse with each passing moment. One of the major reasons is government regulation, which has increased exponentially under Obama and which stifles growth and development and movement. Another of course is Obamacare, which is quite possibly the biggest boondoggle in living memory. Whatever the American economy is it certainly isn’t healthy and it certainly isn’t dynamic. 

“The values of our founding fathers inspire leaders in parliaments and new movements in public squares around the globe.” 


That may or may not be true, but they certainly don’t inspire Obama. From unbridled use of Executive Orders on down he has frequently and consistently ignored and violated the Constitution of the United States and the boundaries and limitations of his office. From day one he has acted like a dictator, not a president and has used the machinery of government to silence his critics and shut them up. In practical terms Americans are nowhere near as free as they were when he was elected and his dictatorial, unilateral behaviour is eroding more and more of their freedom as we speak. On top of that, the electoral/voting process itself has been compromised amid serious allegations and documented instances of widespread vote rigging and voter fraud in both of the last presidential elections. It has gotten so bad that no one can seriously believe that free and fair elections are a given in the U.S. anymore. 

“Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will. The military that you have joined is, and always will be, the backbone of that leadership.” 


One of the great criticisms of Obama’s presidency is that America has abdicated its role as leader of the free world since he became President, that his policy of leading from behind has been disastrous for America and for America’s friends and allies as well. By his own admission, by his own track record, Obama doesn’t lead, he reacts, and then only after after long, slow deliberations and political calculations. He also constantly changes his mind according to the direction the wind is blowing in and cannot be counted on to stand up and actually carry out his rhetoric or red lines or principles of the day. That’s not leadership, that’s cowardly, craven, opportunistic, politically motivated behaviour and the direct antithesis of leadership. Its being a chameleon, not a leader. As for the military, he has eviscerated it during his presidency and its capacity to defend and protect the United States has been greatly diminished. It is simply far weaker and less capable than it was when he became president. It is growing weaker, not stronger under Obama while at the same time enemy militaries are becoming stronger, not weaker and may soon eclipse Americas. Backbone? What backbone? 

“First, let me repeat a principle I put forward at the outset of my presidency: the United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it-when our people are threatened; when our livelihood is at stake; or when the security of our allies is in danger.” 


No one believes that’s true. Not America’s friends and allies, not America’s enemies, no one. America’s enemies know perfectly well they have nothing to fear militarily from Obama and America’s friends and allies concluded long ago that Obama will not use the American military to defend and protect them in any meaningful way, treaties or no treaties, obligations or no obligations, history or no history. In actual fact, Obama has demonstrated time and time again that he will not use military force, unilaterally or otherwise, when America’s core interests demand it, when America and Americans are threatened, when Americas livelihood is at stake, or when the security of Americas allies is in danger. That is his track record and he can protest all he wants, deny it all he wants, but it is there for all to see. 

“For the foreseeable future, the most direct threat to America, at home and abroad, remains terrorism,”. 


Not once during his speech did Obama mention the source, the root, the ideological, religious foundation the terrorism threat comes from, the source, the root, the ideological, religious foundation that it is based on…Islam. Not once during his speech did he say that the terrorists which threaten America are Islamists acting in the name of Islam and that many of them are homegrown.. Not once during his speech did he mention their ultimate goal, which is to destroy freedom and democracy in the United States and turn the U.S. into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, Sharia. He also neglected to say that he banned any investigation, discussion or even mention of the beliefs, motives, methods and goal of Islam or Islamic terrorists in all government bodies and agencies, including the military and those responsible for homeland security, and that he ordered the removal of any mention of Islam or Islamic terrorists from all training manuals and procedures, including counter-terror ones. That means one of two things…either he doesn’t believe that Islamic terrorism is a serious threat to America and Americans or he does believe it and is complicit in Islamic terrorists activities. Either way, there is no doubt that the threat posed to America and Americans by Islamic terrorists acting in the name of Islam has grown enormously during his presidency and that willingly or unwillingly he has aided and abetted that growth. 

“I also believe we need to be more transparent about both the basis of our actions, and the manner in which they are carried out-”. 


This from the president who runs one of the least transparent administrations in history, if not the least transparent. Secrecy and lack of transparency has been a hallmark, a defining characteristic, of Obama’s presidency from the very beginning and to believe that this will change, to believe that he will change, is pure fantasy. 

“In Ukraine, Russia’s recent actions recall the days when Soviet tanks rolled into Eastern Europe. But this isn’t the Cold War. Our ability to shape world opinion helped isolate Russia right away.” 


Russia wasn’t isolated at all. Not one European country, not one of America’s friends and allies, not one multinational, international organization took meaningful steps to prevent the Russians from doing whatever they wanted to in Ukraine. Everyone talked a good game but in the end no one did anything and the Russians were left to do as please in the country. They are still free to do as they please there and Ukraine is still at their mercy. Russia hasn’t been negatively affected in any way, shape or form because of its incursion into Ukraine and all of its partnerships and international agreements that were in place before the incursion remain in place. The Russians also just signed a humongous, long term energy agreement with China, an agreement which will be a great boon to their economy for years, for generations. Some isolation. 

“Similarly, despite frequent warnings from the United States, Israel and others, the Iranian nuclear program steadily advanced for years.” 


The Iranian nuclear program is still advancing and Iran is on the brink of developing, possessing, deploying and using nuclear weapons. Obama has utterly failed to prevent Iran’s march to becoming a nuclear power and his policy of sanctions, appeasement, discussion, diplomacy, trust and turning a blind eye has been completely useless. Nothing that he has done will keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands. All he is promising is more of the same and to think that more of the same will keep Iran from developing, possessing, deploying and using nuclear weapons is simply delusional. 

Those are just some of the lies, distortions, half-truths, delusions, and self-serving remarks Obama made in his speech. There are many others. 

It really was an absurd speech by an absurd president. 

America deserves much better, America needs much better, and so does the rest of the free world.